Class 12 [Flamingo] English Deep Water Summary and Questions Answere

Class 12 [Flamingo] English Deep Water Summary and Questions Answere

 Deep Water Summary and Questions Answere 

Main Points

  • The Narrator : William O Douglas
  • Aversion Of water in 3/4 Years old in the beach of California
  • He went there with his Father
  • Yakima river was dangerous to swim
  • Y.M.C.A pool was safe to swim . It was 2/3 Feet at the Swallow end and Deep end 9 feet
  • A bully boy(18 Years) picked up and throw there in the deep end
  • He made a plan but not succeed to comeout
  • Douglas was nearly died in Y.M.C.A and it developed fear of Water in his Mind
  • He avoided water due to fear of water
  • The Fear stayed with him for many years
  • At last an intructor helped him in swimming
  • The instructor taught two exercise - Exhale and inhale and how to kick with his legs
  • It was the month of July
  • The Narrator Went to a Lake named Wentsworth dived from Triggis Island after swimming two miles he reached (Stamp Act Island)
  • He consquered his Fear of Water

Word Meaning : 

Question and Answer : 
Q. Why did William O Douglas develop an aversion of water

Ans: William Douglas Developed an aversion of water from Beginning. When he was three or four years old he went to a beach of California City with his father. He stood on the beach then suddenly a wave swept over and knocked him down. He was buried in water and Frightened. That incident developed an aversion of Water in his Mind

Q. Why was Y.M.C.A pool was Safe for Swimming? why did his mother warn him not to go the Yakima river ?

Y.M.C.A pool wassafe for swimming because it's slope was gradual and 2 to 3 Feet at the Swallow end and Deep end was 9 feet. His mother warned him not to go to the Yakima river because it was dangerous for those who didn't know To swim. His mother also Reminded him that many Persons drowned into the River

Q. Why did Douglas has fear of water ?
What had happened when Douglas was ten or Eleven Years Old

Ans : William Douglas decided to learn to swim . So, he went alone to the Y.M.C.A pool . A bullyboy came and picked Douglas up and tossed into the Deep end . Where the depth was nine feet. He went to the Bottom and After some struggle he lost his Sense in water. The bully boy took out from the pool but Douglas nearly died. 

Q. What Exercise did the instructor teach the narrator?

Ans : The Narrator took an instructor to learn swimming. His instructors taught him two exercise . First to put his face under water and exhale then raise his nose and inhale. Second how to kick with his legs. At first his legs didn't support but at Last he could command on his legs.

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