Class 12 English flamingo Chapter 7 The Interview Questions Answere

Class 12 English flamingo Chapter 7 The Interview Questions Answere

 Class 12 English flamingo Chapter 7 The Interview Questions Answere

Main Point : 
  • The writer of "Interview" - Christopher Silvester
  • The invention of interview - 1859
  • The advantage of Interview : to get complete information about celebrities and source of truth
  • Interview is a common feature of Journalism
  • The interview holds the position to great power of Influencers
  • The Critics of Celebrity Writer : U S Naipaul ,Lewis Carrol, H.G well and Soul Bellow.
  • The interviewer " The Hindu " - Mukund Padmanabhan
  • The professor of Bologna University writer and novelist --- Umberto ECO
  • The Secret of Umberto ECO :- To use Empty time in working
  • Umberto ECO started writing novels at the age of 50 more or less
  • Umberto ECO wrote 40 non - fiction and 5 novel/fiction
  • "The Name of Rose" made. Umberto popular in the world
  • The sale in U.S 2/3 million and in the world 10/15 Million
  • Medieval historical background was not the secret of success of that book
  • Umberto ECO believe that appropriate time was the secret of Success

Word meaning: 

Question and Answer ; 

Q. Why do the most Celebrity writers despires an interview as an unwarranted into their Lives

Ans : It is no doubt to say that interview is a source of truth. But most Celebrities writes despise an interview. Because they think interview as an unwarranted intrusion into their lives. 
V.S Naipaul feel that during An interview people loses a part of themselves, Lewis Carrot consider it offence against his Persons. H.G Wwalls call it an ordeal and soul Bellow describe interview as thumb print on his windpipe.

Q. Why has interview become a common place of Journalism?
Write the positive points of the Interview?

Ans: Since The invention interview in 1859, It was become a common place of Journalism. We can get most clear impression of the Celebrities through the interview. Interview is a communicative Genre. Some say that it is the Source of Truth and the interview holds the position of great power and influence

Q. What is the secret of Umberto ECO?

Ans: Umberto ECO is a professor of a university. But he gets success in the field of literacy. Umberto says that the secret of his Success is that, he utilises his Empty space or interstices in Working. He never Wasted his Free time and he knows the Value of time in a human's Life. So, the use of Empty Space is the Secret of his Life.

Q. What has made Umberto ECO Popular among the People especially Readers?

Ans: " The Name of the Rose " has made Umberto ECO Popular Among the people and Especially Readers. Before he thought that the book would not like by people but later the total sale of 10 to 15 Million copies of that book. Which make him More Popular among readers.

Q. Why did Umberto ECO Start writing at the age of 50 more or Less?

Ans: Umberto ECO considered himself as an academic Community. He Never considered as a big writer or novelist. He wrote 40 non - Fiction and 5 fiction in his Life he Said that how he becomes a novelist it was an accident. Writing novel was his secondary options. So , he started writing at a very late age of 50 more or less.